4 Paws' ability to save dogs is directly dependent on the number of volunteers we have!  
Each dog needs:
  • A foster to stay with until he or she is adopted
  • His or her own handler for each adoption event
  • An Adoption Coordinator to advocate for them and make sure they find the right home
  • Someone to conduct a home visit so their adopter can be approved
  • All the dogs benefit from all the administrative functions that volunteers preform every day!
‘Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.’
As a  foster volunteer with 4 Paws Animal Rescue, your responsibilities are very important.  Fostering a Pet in need is a very rewarding experience, but can also be challenging at times. We ask that when you foster one of our Pets, you allow the animal to live inside with your family and other pets and treat it just the same as you would if it were your own. Keep in mind that these dogs have had a rough life, so we never really know quite what to expect.  When working with a dog, 4 Paws Animal Rescue does not allow, nor will it tolerate, any kind of physical punishment. Veterinary expenses are covered by the rescue.
These are just a few of the responsibilities you will have as a foster volunteer for 4 Paws Animal Rescue.  Foster care training is provided for anyone interested in becoming a foster parent.   It is truly one of the most rewarding experiences you can have!  If after reading our requirements, you feel this is something you would enjoy doing, please click here for application! 
We always need additional help transporting dogs from shelters to fosters, to vet offices, etc. If you would like to volunteer your time and vehicle, we always need drivers to help us with this constant need. We coordinate the transports and can work with you and within the area you're willing to drive.  All you need is a valid drivers license and proof of insurance!  If after reading our requirements, you feel this is something you would enjoy doing, please click here for application!
Adoption Coordinators
4 Paws' Adoption Coordinators (ACs) are involved in facilitating the placement of adoptable pets into their new homes through marketing the dogs for adoption and screening potential adopters. Each 4 Paws' Pet that is available for adoption is assigned an AC who is ultimately responsible for finding them an appropriate home. The AC screens potential adopters, facilitates the adoption and serves as a resource for adopters as their new4 Paws' transitions into their home.  Adoption coordinators complete a one-time training and are paired with a seasoned AC to mentor them through the beginning months.
Home Checks
As a representative of 4 Paws, you will be visiting people in their homes who have applied to foster or adopt one of our dogs. Their application will be emailed to you and you will then make contact and schedule an appointment. Once there you will look at their yard to see if it is securely fenced or not, and you will discuss with them rescue dogs, where they come from, what they are like, and what some of the challenges of owning a rescue dog might be.
After observing the family, their current pets, their children, etc.,you will need to make a decision as to whether or not you feel this would be a safe and loving environment for one of our dogs. More details of exactly how to do home checks, what to look for, and how to approve or disapprove will be provided should you decide that you would like to become a home checker.  If you feel this is something you would enjoy doing, please click here for application! 
Adoption Events
Volunteers at adoption events are critical to our success. Volunteers handle dogs at the events, sharing their story with potential adopters. What better way to get a doggie fix? All it takes is a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Most events run from 10 -2pm, and we ask our volunteers to arrive around 9:30 and stay until about 2:15. Children have to be at least 12 years old to volunteer with a parent, and 18 years old to handle a dog on their own.If you feel this is something you would enjoy doing, please click here for application! 
Student Volunteers
Are you in elementary, middle school or high school?  Are you interested in helping dogs in need? If so, 4 Paws would love your help! We are always looking for innovative ways to educate, involve and share our wonderful experiences with kids!
Here are a few ideas of how you can help!
  • Fundraising Events: Host car washes, dog washes, bake sales, yard sales
  • Donation Drives: Collect towels, food, blankets and toys for our 4 Paws Dogs
  • Education Projects: We can help with classroom projects to help educate your friends on responsible pet ownership and how to get involved with rescue work
  • Toy Making/Service Parties, host a service party where you help 4 Paws by:
  • making dog toys, here are some ideas from Homemade Dog Toys and BarkPost!
  • baking dog treats
  • making dog beds or blankets
  • Attend an Event: Volunteer with an adult at one of our weekend adoption event
“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
- Johnny Depp